Behind the Badge - Jerry Ethridge

Published 05/16 2014 10:39AM

Updated 05/16 2014 10:51AM

He's been serving the Tri-State for 6 years in Emergency Medical Services, and he takes a unique approach to treating his patients.  In this week's Behind the Badge, we meet paramedic Jerry Ethridge.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. Those who know Jerry Ethridge tend to agree, "What I try to do is to relax my patient through comedy.  When I can get my patient to laugh, it means they're doing okay."
Jerry's job as a Posey County paramedic requires staying cool under pressure, and Jerry does it well. "He's able to keep them laughing, able to keep them from thinking about what's going on with them.  He's able to console them about what they are going through, some hard times, he talks to them and treats them like they are his own family," Jerry's friend and co-worker, Montrel Johnson, explains.
Jerry's family also plays a huge role in his life. Montrel explains, "Jerry's kinda like a mama's boy. He loves his family. He has two little dogs that are his babies, Bella and Lucci."

Before Jerry was making his patients laugh, he worked as a state policeman, "If I would have known that I loved this job as much as I do, this is what I would have done since the day I graduated high school."  And he says his passion for his job makes all the difference. "I've delivered two babies and I've also held a 90 year old's hand while she took her last 3 breaths."
And so we salute Jerry Ethridge, serving Posey County EMS behind the badge.

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