Behind the Badge: Mike Kellner

Published 06/13 2014 09:40AM

Updated 06/13 2014 09:50AM

Ask just about anyone who knows him and they'll describe Indiana Conservation Officer Mike Kellner as a "nice person." And this nice guy is also a country boy. "I and my friends, what we did- we didn't go to the mall, we didn't go to town, we left town and went out hunting, fishing, camping- what have you. We just went out in the middle of nowhere- and there we were."

So when Officer Kellner started working for the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, it just felt right. "I've always had an interest in law enforcement, but I'm not a city boy. How can I look into law enforcement yet be out in the country- and this was a pretty good fit."
On the job, Officer Kellner wears several different hats, "Conservation officer's responsibilities are anything from law enforcement to public appearances, computer work, training, you have to stay on your toes!"  But he never forgets that family is his top priority, "You have to be diligent in giving the proper attention your family needs, because emergency work can be all encompassing."

But sometimes, Officer Kellner's work passion does spill into his off days. In fact, each year, he goes on a big fishing trip with his wife Sue and their two sons, 25 year old Ethan and 21 year old Jacob. "Isn't a day go by that I don't think about our times in Minnesota."

And Officer Kellner hopes he sets a good example for not only his family but his community. "You can be responsible, you can have a good life, if you take care of your family, you take care of your community, and if you do all these things that you're supposed to do- be responsible and good things happen."

And so we salute Officer Mike Kellner for serving his community behind the badge.

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