Breast Cancer Victim too Weak to Attend Race

Published 09/21 2012 11:39AM

Updated 09/21 2012 11:51AM

For Nancy Byrd and her daughter Deana a hospital room is a home away from home.  Since Nancy started Chemo, she's been stuck in bed.  Sick from the treatment, still sick over the diagnosis she got in June.

"The lady who did the biopsy came in the room crying holding the piece of paper and saying she was sorry, she should've listened to me because I had breast cancer and I have the most aggressive kind of cancer you can get.  First thought to me was am I gonna die, am I gonna leave my kids behind and my husband and you know, what's gonna happen?"

In less than four months, Nancy's had a double mastectomy, a hysterectomy.  Her husband's even had to quit his job.

"There's been months that we don't have enough food to last us for the whole month."

Through it all, her 13-year-old daughter, who's spent so much time in the hospital herself battling juvenile arthritis, scoliosis, asthma, allergies and fibromyaliga, has sat by her mother's bedside.

"She's been there for me through everything I'm going through so I feel like I kind of have to give it back to her and be there for her through everything she's going through.  Because Deana's been sick all her life, she is the strongest little girl that I know.  And she's right there with me. And she gives me the encouragement and the strength that i need to keep fighting.  I just want to whip cancer's butt and put it in the ground and I really don't wish cancer on my worst enemy.  It drains you. Spiritually, physically, emotionally, it drains you."
Though Nancy can't do much more than wiggle her feet, the steps thousands of survivors have taken, and will take tomorrow, help her stand tall in the face of something terrible.

"I can beat this and i can go forward and this cancer's not going to win. It gives me hope."

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