Races To Watch: Illinois Primary Election Preview

By Kayla Moody

Published 03/17 2014 11:48PM

Updated 03/18 2014 01:51PM

Illinois candidates are scrambling to make their final cases to voters as the polls will soon open for the March 18 primary election.

Eyewitness news is your local election headquarters. Here is a run down of races to watch Tuesday across the state and in southeastern Illinois.

Illinois Governor

The race for Illinois governor will likely steal the spotlight during the primary, as it's expected to be among the most contentious. On the republican side, recent polls suggest millionaire businessman Bruce Rauner is leading the pack. Rauner is facing off against three veteran politicians: State Sen. Bill Brady, State Sen. Kirk Dillard and Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

Brady and Dillard competed against each other during the 2010 GOP primary race. Brad won, then lost an air-tight race to Governor Pat Quinn.

Rutherford's campaign hit a major road block last month when a former colleague filed a lawsuit against the treasurer accusing him of sexual harassment. Rutherford has denied the claims.

Whoever wins the republican ticket will face Quinn in the November general election, who is projected to beat-out his lone democratic challenger, Tio Hardiman.

Illinois Treasurer

Tom Cross and Bob Grogan will square off for a shot at Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford's seat.

Cross is the former House minority leader and well known in the Land of Lincoln. Grogan currently serves as auditor of DuPage County and is a Certified Publican Accountant (CPA). He's considered the primary underdog. His opponent's campaign fund had more than eighteen times more money in it at the end of 2013.

GOP U.S. Senate

Two GOP candidates face off for a shot against U.S. Senator Dick Durbin in November.

State senator Jim Oberweis is leading the polls. His opponent, Doug Truax, is a business owner, graduate of West Point, and six-year U.S. Army Veteran.

Local Races

It's a fairly uneventful primary on a local level as there are only three races, one for circuit court judge and two for county sheriff, where candidates are facing opposition.

Five republican candidates will square off to fill the vacancy of the Hon. Bennle Joe Harrison in Wayne County. David E. Harrison, John C. Robison, Jr., Kevin Carroll Kakac, Michael J. Molt, and David M. Williams are all in the race for judge of the circuit court second judicial circuit.

In Wabash County, Sheriff Joe Keeling is facing opposition from J. Derek Morgan; Edwards County Sheriff Darby Boewe faces opposition from David Lester Pritchard.

Also during Tuesday's primary election, folks in several Illinois communities will vote whether to give their municipalities the green light to pool a group of electricity customers, including small retailers, into electric buying groups. If the referendum is passed, municipalities will be able to seek bids for cheaper electric rates. Cisne, Norris City, Omaha and Albion will vote on the electricity opt-out aggregation program tomorrow.

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