Vanderburgh County Reports Low Voter Turnout

By Kayla Moody

Published 05/07 2014 10:52PM

Updated 05/07 2014 11:20PM

Tuesday the candidates rallied, the ballots were cast, and one by one each vote was tallied in the Indiana primary election. But, there weren't many votes to count.

Primary elections are no stranger to low voter turnout but this election will go down in history as one of Vanderburgh County's most poorly attended elections. In the past seven primary elections, the average voter turnout was around 13.5 percent in Vanderburgh County. This year's line-up attracted less than half of that.

A little more than five and a half percent, 5.66 percent, of registered voters exercised their right to vote.

"That's kinda shocking," says Ashleigh Howerton, who didn't vote. "It's just pretty sad that it was only 5-percent but I guess I was included in the other 95-percent but that kinda makes me want to look more into it more and know more about it to be able to vote next time."

Shirley Wydicks says she didn't vote because she was sick and taking care of her grandchildren. "People shoulda still came out, including myself. When it's all said and done we can't complain about what happens," she says.

Some say they don't think their vote makes a difference. Other say the low number of contested races made this election seem less important, but most say they were just too busy to cast their votes.

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