Tristate Middle Schooler Visits the Capitol

Published 08/06 2014 05:53PM

Updated 08/06 2014 08:13PM

August 2, 2014

Houston Rogers is a seventh grader at Plaza Park International Prep Academy. He has an opportunity very few children experience.

Houston met with Eyewitness News' Mannie Holmes in Washington to share his experience at a National Young Leaders Conference.

Each year, a select number of students come to Washington for the six-day Junior National Young Leaders of America Conference.

Houston Rogers says,"I thanked my teacher and when I got home and told my mom about it, she was very excited about it because she knew it was a very prestigious award."

As the only student from Evansville, Houston Rogers is on his first trip to the nation's capital where history comes to life.

"It's a lot more personal seeing them in person than seeing them in pictures." Like the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and other monuments.

"We've gone to the White House, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court."

Houston is one of 177 middle school students participating in the uniquely designed youth and leadership program.

The days are filled with scheduled events from historical tours to leadership focus groups.

"We had to make a press release and a Q and A for an interactive thing for the audience."

Each day brings another unforgettable experience.

Throughout all the excitement, Houston stays connected with his family in Evansville.

"I talk to my mom every night and morning, my grandma I text her whenever she texts me and I text my dad."

Houston says, the friends he made here he will keep long after he returns to Evansville.

"From the plane ride here to the plane ride back, it's just been amazing"

In Washington, Mannie Holmes. Eyewitness News."

This is just one of the programs the Young Leaders Group Has in Washington throughout the summer.Students can also experience an envision leadership program according to his or her grade level. There are conferences spanning from elementary school to college.

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