10 Most Endangered Sites in Evansville

Published 06/05 2014 05:20PM

Updated 06/05 2014 06:55PM

With the demolition of one of Evansville's most historic buildings, it sheds light on other endangered sites throughout the city.

As we reported Wednesday, crews began tearing down the faultless caster building on North Garvin. While it wasn't on the list, the Preservation Alliance of Evansville recently named 10 other endangered sites.

Some of those sites include the McCurdy Hotel, Mesker Amphitheatre and the Peters-Magedant house.

Historians say the purpose of the list is to raise awareness and bring attention to historic buildings we often overlook

"The story of Evansville is our built environment: the places we build and the places we maintain," said Alan Higgins, the president of the Preservation Alliance of Evansville. "We affect that story by what we change, what we tear down. When we tear down places that are on our list or in general, like faultless caster for example, we start to lose part of that story. Ultimately, the fabric of our story is eroded."

Higgins says the list consists of buildings that have both architectural and cultural significance.

Click here to view the list.

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