A Group That Gives Back, Now Needs Your Help

Published 05/07 2014 09:49PM

Updated 05/07 2014 09:54PM

Tristate Awareness (formally knows as Warrick County Awareness) parked a giant semi truck at the Wal-Mart in Newburgh. The truck didn't get filled up like the group had hoped, but there hopes remain high.

"We just like helping people, and that's what we do." Fifty-three feet, that's the space inside this semi truck that organizers from Tristate Awareness hoped to have filled. "Newburgh and Evansville, they know what this was like. They had a lot of people that came forth, so now we need to step up and do the same," says organizer Tina Brown.

Brown says they wanted the truck, donated by Powerline Trucking, to be packed with supplies to help with the tornado disaster relief. They are asking for anything from water, cleaning supplies, even pet food. The group made a dent today, but say they still need more before sending this truck to Conway, Arkansas.

"If this happened here, we would hope that people would be here for us. That's why you have do. You have to pay it forward or it never gets paid back," says Brown.


"We take things for granted. We have these things, and they might not have them," says Lee McClellan. McClellan swings by to donate some supplies to help. "I brought twenty-five pairs of safety work gloves in different sizes. I hope the volunteers down there can put them to good use." McClellan hopes to see the truck filled as well. "It needs to be filled, and I hope the community comes forward," he says.

"To see the trailer full, and to see it pulled out of here, it would be wonderful," says Brown. The group that gives back says this truck will be filled one way or another. They plan to put on another event very soon. "It will fill up one way or the other, we know that the community is going to come out, and we know that they are going to help us," says Brown.

Head to the Facebook page 'Warrick County Awareness' for an update on their next event.

If you would like to help head to their website: http://www.warrickcountyawareness.com/

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