A Look Inside The New Evansville-Vanderburgh EMA Office

Published 06/30 2014 09:38PM

Updated 06/30 2014 09:43PM

It's a first look inside the brand new location of the Evansville-Vanderburgh EMA office.

The city and county helped fund the nearly half-million dollar facility.

Director Cliff Weaver says the Emergency Management Agency now resides on the second floor of the Sheriff's office. They selected the space saying it's one of the most secure buildings around. "This was a large empty room. We convinced everybody that this was the place to be, and with all of the work here we are," says EMA Director Cliff Weaver.

The Evansville-Vanderburgh Emergency Management Agency opens it's doors to this brand new facility. "When we started re-organizing the EMA back in July of last year, we realized real quickly that we needed to move," says Weaver.

EMA Director Cliff Weaver says it was time for a new home. Construction started last winter, tonight the facility is complete as nearly twenty-five new employees are sworn in. A tour takes place welcoming city and county leaders to take a peak inside. "It's really unusual for local communities to see this kind vision of vision, and then to implement it," says IDHS Director John Hill.

Inside the nearly six-thousand square foot space are new offices, state of the art technology, brand new monitoring programs, and a communication system, that Weaver says, is 'light-years' beyond their old system.

Even during our visit the new technology shows it's worth, keeping a close eye on possible severe weather. "Here we are today, and as you hear , things are starting to happen in northern Illinois," says Weaver.

The building proved itself during this year's macro-burst. "We've already withstood a storm that had over 110 miles per hour winds right over the top of the building, so we know it could withstand a pretty good storm," says Weaver.

Hoping there is never an emergency, Weaver says if there is, he's proud of the EMA office to help keep the community safe.

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