After Years of Neglect, Evansville Eyesore Finally to Come Down

Published 07/26 2013 06:04PM

Updated 07/26 2013 09:01PM

After years of neglect, a house on Pollack Avenue is completely enveloped with weeds and trees. But progress is coming thanks to the diligence of a neighborhood association and Evansville City Councilwoman.


Time drives by 2215 Pollack Avenue but the house there is stuck in the moment.

And it has been for a while.

"I don't see an address on it," said City Councilwoman Missy Mosby, D-2nd Ward. "It's an eyesore."

"It looks like the Amazon jungle compared to the way it used to look," said Linda Kerth. "It was the showcase of the neighborhood," Kerth said.

Five years ago, the home was immaculate, charming and clean. But that was then and this is now.

Nature has continued to reclaim it's own, year after year, after year. The Eastview Neighborhood Association wants to take it back and the City of Evansville wants to take it down.

"I believe we've been tagging it for weeds and everything for three years," Mosby said. "And then it just got to the point we realized that no one was taking care of the home. It's just been a problem spot that we've been working on." 

The former homeowner, Zemma Polley, won't be there for that day. First came blindness, then death, then thousands of dollars in unpaid property taxes.

Her property kept growing.

"She was a beautiful lady, very kind," Kerth said. "She was always doing something for somebody but it's just sad to see it like that now. I hope they get something done with it and somebody can build there and enjoy it as much as we enjoy living in the neighborhood."

In a matter of weeks, the house hidden behind the forest will come down much like the house across the street. But neighbors will remember 2215 Pollack Avenue for what it was and not what it is.


City officials say demolition could begin as early as next month.


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