American Red Cross Sending More Help South

Published 05/03 2014 10:06PM

Updated 05/29 2014 03:50PM

It's hard to imagine recovering from a storm like the one that recently splintered so many homes across the south. For most the basic level of the hierarchy of needs have been met: water, food, and shelter. Now the focus turns to meeting more long term needs. That's where American Red Cross volunteer Justin Bruce steps in.

He leaves for from Henderson to Meridian, Mississippi Sunday morning and he's not too sure what to expect when he gets there. "I don't really know right now. I'm hoping they will give us a positive response and come and let us help them."

Bruce says his main priority will be finding permanent housing for those displaced victims. He says so many houses were destroyed it might be difficult to keep some in Meridian. "Relocation is probably on a lot of people's minds right now. Not only because there's a lack of affordable housing, but also because they don't want to deal with the weather anymore. They're in tornado alley and after so long you get tired of it."

Bruce says he could be in Meridian for a week or month. He won't really know until he gets down there and sees what he's up against first hand.
However he does say he will be there as long as he is needed. "Those small stories of hope is what keeps us going in the time that we are down there because it does get emotionally draining."

Bruce says he will bring the skills and knowledge to help get people back on their feet, but maybe more importantly he aspires to bring hopefulness because he says that is what people need the most.

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