Attorneys Speak Out About Warrick County Prosecutor

Published 02/18 2014 10:25PM

Updated 02/18 2014 10:36PM

"I think that's just really a lack of respect for the system." Some attorneys say something has to change at the Warrick County Prosecutor's office. They say Prosecutor, JoAnn Krantz's, office has failed to provide evidence to the defense in several cases, causing dismissals of cases. That's why Warrick County Defense Attorney, Rick Martin, says he and others are speaking out.

Attorney Martin says it's a problem he and other attorneys have been dealing with for too long, and a problem the county needs to know about. Martin also serves as the 8th District Republican Head. He says justice is far from being served, with the blame pointed at one elected official. "The Prosecutor's office, they have a constitutional duty and obligation." That Prosecutor is JoAnn Krantz, also a republican.

During a number of cases over the last few years, Martin says, the Warrick County Prosecutor's office has failed to provide evidence to the defense even after being specifically asked by the court to do so. "A person who is charged with a crime, has the right to see the evidence that is going to be used against them," says Martin.

He says some cases are handled by other deputies, but it's ultimately County Prosecutor, Joanne Krantz's responsibility. "No convictions, no jail time, no probation, no punishment." That's the result when crucial evidence is never provided. "When it's dismissed its gone. Its gone without giving the state the chance to prove whether the person did it or not."

Martin cites a past case when, Martin says, the Prosecution failed to produce evidence. The court had to dismiss the case, and the charges of child exploitation and child pornography. "It's disturbing, as a resident of the county, and a parent of small children in the county. These types of charges concern me, but what concerns me more, is that the elected Prosecutor in this county isn't doing enough to protect these people and to prosecute these cases." We wanted to hear Krantz's side of the story, so we reached out to her numerous times at her office in the Warrick County Judicial Center, but we've received no response.

"I think we've all experienced the Prosecutor's office not disclosing evidence and it gets frustrating after a while." Martin says he speaks on behalf of other attorney's who have dealt with this first hand, with past and pending cases where the Prosecution has withheld evidence some involving, according to Martin child pornography. "As a Defense bar, we quit years ago because we get absolutely nothing but stone walled anytime we try and reach out the to Prosecutor's office for anything."

Again we reached out to get Prosecutor JoAnn Krantz's response to Martin's statements but she has not returned our calls.

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