Back To School, Frozen Gravel Causes Route Changes

Published 02/10 2014 09:41PM

Updated 02/10 2014 09:47PM

School is back on for Henderson County students tomorrow. Classes will return to a normal schedule once again, but school officials say the bus routes will not. Transportation officials with the Henderson County schools say, they are not allowing buses to go on any gravel roads in the area tomorrow morning. School officials made this decision after the city advised them they would not be treating some gravel roads.

It's back to school tomorrow for Henderson County students. "We have a science test that I want to get done with," says Gavin Duncan. Some students, like fourth grader Gavin Duncan, say they're ready to get back to a normal schedule again, after days of ice and snow took over the area.

"I don't' know if they won't be at school, but I hope they come to school," says Sierra Duncan. A 'back to normal schedule' is not quite in store for students who take the bus. "I think it's too slick, because of rocks. Whenever ice gets on them, ice covers the rocks," says Gavin. Even fourth graders know a dangerous road when they see one. That's why Henderson County school officials say buses will not be traveling on gravel roads tomorrow morning. Sierra Duncan says she knows several students who live in this type of area. "They probably have to walk up closer to the road, and they have to get out in the cold," she says.

Henderson County school officials say, bus drivers were informed to contact parents to make accommodations, so every student will still receive transportation. Parent, Audrey Householder Stone says, she's still concerned about several roads in the area, not just the gravel ones. "Hatchet Mill still had spots on it, Chaney Mill still had spots all the way down it," says Householder Stone. She says her sister in-law drives a bus for the school district, and worries she will have to face some icy challenges tomorrow. "Pulling up in these driveways, where they have to turn the bus around, they aren't gravel roads they are main roads."

If you live along a gravel road and a bus driver failed to make accommodations for your child, contact the Henderson County School's Transportation Department at 270-831-5120

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