Bank Robbery Attempt Ends in Fatal Shootout

Published 07/11 2014 06:27PM

Updated 07/11 2014 06:48PM

A brazen attempt to rob a Western Kentucky bank located just next door from a police station ends in a deadly shootout. The chief of police was in the bank's lobby when James Hamm walked in; armed and wearing a disguise on his face. Investigators say the chief was not on a security detail but, they say he stopped the would be robber and possibly saved many lives.

"I'm thinking wow who would rob a bank right next to a police station!", says Holly Fowler.

It's hard for Holly Fowler to understand why someone would rob a bank; let alone a bank that next door to a police station. But, that's exactly what happened this morning at Planter's Bank in Princeton, Kentucky. Kentucky State Police say James Hamm was immediately confronted by Police Chief, Don Weedman who asked Hamm to put his weapon down. Hamm fired a shot in the chief's direction then the chief fired several rounds fatally shooting the suspect. Fowler lives across the street from the bank and she heard the whole thing.

"It sounded like it was right here in front of my house and I thought well I wonder what that is?!"  Fowler says.

The coroner later pronounced Hamm dead at the scene. K.S.P. says four to six people were inside the bank during the shootout. A strange series of events for what some are calling a small yet close knit town. This same bank was robbed just two days ago. Investigators are looking at the possibility that the two incidents are some how linked.

Fowler says, "I didn't even know anything about Wednesday's deal and I live right here".

It's only been a few months since Fowler moved into the neighborhood. Seeing today's events forced her to have an important talk with her own children.

"And I say just because we're in town and everybody's friendly, this is a very busy road I said any body ever stops and ask you anything; you act like you don't hear them, if you have to right up into a yard; there's too many weirdos out here".

It may have just been a coincidence but, many are saying the chief was in the right place at the right time.

"I don't know why the chief was there I don't know if he banks there or what but he just happened to be there at the time"; says, Trooper Stu Recke.

Chief Don Weedman was not injured in today's shootout. We'll continuing to follow this story for more updates.

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