Behind the Badge - Curtis McGehee

Published 12/16 2013 10:22AM

Updated 12/16 2013 10:41AM

He was awarded the Kentucky Sheriff's Association's 'Sheriff of the Year,' but his career started behind the pulpit.  In this "Behind the Badge," we honor Muhlenberg County Sheriff, Curtis McGehee.

"I think he's a great representative for Muhlenberg County and for everybody that wears the badge," Greenville mayor Ed DeArmond says.
Sheriff Curtis McGehee's story is one of faith, "I was a pastor here in Muhlenberg County." But sometimes faith requires action, "I was seeing some things happening in our community that to me- was deeply disturbing."
Curtis is inspired by the man Muhlenberg County was named after, General Peter Muhlenberg, "Standing in his pulpit one Sunday, he pulled off his robe and was wearing a sword."  Muhlenberg was a revolutionary war general who was also an ordained minister. "I believe there's a time to preach and a time to fight. (And he said) I'm not going to stop preaching but I am going to fight for those colonies that I hold dear to my heart," Curtis explained. 

Curtis also decided to fight against Muhlenberg County's biggest enemy, meth. "There's probably been more arrests in his watch than in any time in my lifetime," said DeArmond.
With the help of an anonymous tip website Curtis created, he's had two huge drug busts- each one with around 50 arrests, "Most of them were street level drug dealers."  He's also started a successful drug education and prevention program at local schools.    
Curtis is also a big family man- the father of three, a grandfather, and has been married to his wife for 30 years, "It's faith, family, and then friends- as far as priorities go."
And  for his family and friends, he's the epitome of what a public servant should be, "Honored and humbled that maybe someone could look up to me- but i never considered myself- I've never thought of myself as a hero."
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