Behind the Badge: Rodney McMillin

Published 02/07 2014 11:15AM

Updated 02/07 2014 11:24AM

He set out to help a few children in his small community and ended up helping hundreds.  In this week's Behind the Badge, we meet Ohio County Sheriff's Deputy, Rodney McMillin.

"Just going to the call and answering the call is not enough."  Sometimes it just takes a spark to ignite a flame. "We were just going to help 24-30 families," Deputy McMillin says. 

McMillin's boss, Ohio County Sheriff David Thompson says, "He came to me and said, there are people out there who we work with that we know need food or presents who might not be helped by these other programs."

K-9 Officer and Deputy Sheriff Rodney McMillin started "Blessings and Badges" in late October as a way to help underpriviledged children during Christmas.  But that small program spiraled into a huge help for Ohio County, providing food baskets for 120 families and toys for 450 kids.  "Anything I can do whatsoever to help one kid, that may not be able to get some things that others do, I try to help out, and it's just a blessing to be able to do it."  And now Badges and Blessings, will be a yearly program in Ohio County.
But Deputy McMillin was involved in his community long before Badges and Blessings.

"When I met him, it took me about 10 minutes to realize he is the perfect type of person I want to fill my agency with," Thompson says.  Deputy McMillin is a Little League and basketball coach for his two son's teams, and family plays a big role in his life.  "We're fortunate, too, that with Rodney comes his wife, and those two are pretty much inseparable."

Deputy McMillin and his wife, Tara, have new deputies over for a meal to share advice and support and these programs are just par for the course for the person Deputy McMillin is.  "We have influence from our position- so I thought, we've gotta help people out."

We salute Deputy Rodney McMillin, serving his community Behind the Badge.

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