Behind The Counter, Life Of A Lottery Cashier

Published 02/19 2014 09:37PM

Updated 02/19 2014 10:16PM

Across the Tri-State, players cash in hoping to win the big bucks. For some, playing the lottery is their way of life. A local cashier shares the strange tactics some customers have when it comes to playing the lottery.

The chance at $400 million had many playing the lottery, some for the first time. It's a spur of the moment purchase, but for others it's a daily routine. Cashier, Rachel Sherwood, shares what it's like from her side of the counter.

"They are pretty superstitious," says Sherwood. They have their eyes on the prize. "They are different," says Sherwood. They're not your average customer. "They tend to stay a little bit longer, and they chat with us." 'They' are the lottery regulars. "She comes in in the evening, every evening." A small group of customers, cash in to win, on the daily. "We have another woman who got an extra job to pay for her lottery," says Sherwood.

For two and a half years, Rachel Sherwood, has worked behind the counter at Trocadero Plaza. In that time, she's learned the different and unique tactics of her customers who love to play the lottery everyday. For one, Sherwood says, her method is speed. "She calls out numbers to me and it's super fast," says Sherwood. For another customer, it's cars. "Sometimes he will just call out random numbers. Other times, he will pick out numbers based on license plates he sees here," says Sherwood. For one regular, it's cash. "The most bizarre one is the guy who picks from serial numbers on dollar bills. He will always ask what we think the lucky numbers are and I tell him, I don't know, I never know, you know I don't," Sherwood says.

Sherwood says most people who do not play that often usually do 'quick pick.' She says these customers may be the ones who have the right idea. "I find the people that tend to not buy lottery tickets often are the ones that win most often. They'll buy a scratch off, or a lottery ticket, we will see them a couple of days later, and they actually won on it," she says. As for her regulars, they continue to stick to their ways hoping it will pay off. "Every few months or so, they will win something on it. I feel really bad because they spend a lot of money."

Win or lose, Sherwood says she enjoys meeting new customers, and rooting for the regulars she sees everyday. You never know who will be a winner.



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