Beshear Signs School Snow Day Bill

Published 03/31 2014 05:42PM

Updated 03/31 2014 05:46PM

After weeks of waiting and debating, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear signs the school snow day waiver bill. Lawmakers passed it late last week after a conference committee finally agreed on a version.

"It's nice to know what we need to do now," says David Johnson of Owensboro Public Schools.

For weeks they waited, and waited.

"We had so many options floating out there. We've had so many people speculating on what actually would be in the bill, what wouldn't be in the bill," Johnson says. "I finally told everyone let's just get a couple of options and wait."

But that wait ended Monday as Governor Beshear signed the school snow day waiver bill. Schools now must meet for 1,062 hours, but not the minimum of 170 days.

"They've given us some other options, if school systems are really behind. You can extend the day. You can go on the primary election day if they're not using your school as a polling place," Johnson adds.

The singing comes nearly a week after negotiations between the house and senate nearly collapsed. Johnson says they now know when the year will end. Owensboro Public School students last day is now May 23rd. Graduation is on the same day.

"We've made up days during the year that we plugged in, days that were supposed to be off, we made up days that were designated as make up days," he adds.

The wait for the bill is over. Now the wait for the start of summer begins.

As for teachers, school officials say their work year will end on June 3rd.

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