Bright Idea Gets Left In The Dark

Published 04/24 2014 10:45PM

Updated 04/24 2014 10:56PM

The push to add street lights near a busy Vanderburgh County intersection is complete, but there's one thing still missing, the light. The street lights near Diamond Avenue and University Parkway are installed, but have yet to be turned on.
What is a light worth if it's not turned on? "It's odd and unusual. Why have them if you don't turn them on? That is the only way they are going to be helpful," says Laura McDaniel.
"I'm not sure why the lights have not been turned on. I have noticed that as well. I have not
seen them turned on," says USI student Jessica Kelley.
Adding street lights at the intersection of Diamond Avenue and University Parkway seemed like a bright idea, but so far the area has remained dark.

"For safety reasons, it would be nice if they were turned on, now," adds McDaniel.
For years there has been a push to install street lights near the intersection many deem 'dangerous' after some accidents turned fatal. That request was finally granted, but there is still one more step, turning the lights on.

"It's kind of like they are teasing us a little bit, like here, lets give you something that is fantastic and will help you, but let's wait it out and see if you will notice if they are turned on or not. It will be exciting once they do turn on. It will be helpful to students driving, and anyone else driving," says Kelley.
For a couple of weeks University of Southern Indiana student, Jessica Kelley, says she has yet to see the lights on. Kelley says she looks forward to the safety they could bring to drivers in the area.
"The lights will definitely help prevent accidents."
Tonight, officials with INDOT say they could not give an explanation for why the lights are off. Drivers agree, when the lights are on, it will make things a little brighter for everyone.

"It will be nice when they get them turned on, but it will definitely help because it's dark anyways. Coming up to a well lit area will be a red flag to anybody. They are going to realize it's busy," says McDaniel.


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