Brinkerhoff-Riley Stands by Releasing Secret Recording, Alleges Financial Crisis

Published 05/19 2014 06:11PM

Updated 05/19 2014 06:25PM

Evansville City Council Vice President Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley says the public has a right to know the state of Evansville's finances and there should be no privacy in politics.
The councilwoman slammed Mayor Lloyd Winnecke for what she called unacceptable bookkeeping. Specifically she says the city did not properly record payroll funds in 2012 by under paying pensions and over paying certain employees.
The councilwoman denies she did anything illegal or violated any ethical standards by releasing a recording of a private conversation. Instead turning focus to what she calls a financial records crisis.

"This isn't about me. Anything about me is a complete red herring. What if I were an awful person? What would that have to do with the fact that this city cannot get a clean audit right now today," said Brinkerhoff-Riley.
The councilwoman points out the alleged money mismanagement is in lieu of the city spending nearly two million dollars on software support, hiring an extra full time employee, and spending money to hire outside accounting firms.
The councilwoman is asking for Mayor Winnecke's administration to outline a plan to resolve her concerns before the 2013 audit.

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