Buckle Up EVSC

Published 08/11 2014 03:49PM

Updated 08/11 2014 05:36PM

A more than thirty year tradition continues as EVSC Superintendent David Smith stands with students waiting to board the bus on the first day of school.
In Dr.Smith's fifth year taking the bus to school he encounters something he never had before, seat belts.
"I rode a bus with seat belts so there was not as much interaction as I typically did," said Dr. Smith.
The EVSC bought eleven buses this year, all equipped with seat belts.
"We were going to purchase twelve, but because of the cost of adding seat belts, that is not funded by the state we had to reduce the number of buses that we bought," said EVSC Spokesperson Marsha Jackson.

For each bus it cost the EVSC $10,000 to install seat belts.
The EVSC already requires all special needs and Pre-K students wear a seat belt or use a booster seat.  But this year the corporation expands that to more students. No matter if in the first grade or the 12th grade. If the bus has seatbelts students have to wear them. And yes even Dr. Smith has to wear a seatbelt.
"If you're riding a bus that has the seat belts you are required to wear them. Just as you would in a car," said Jackson.
Jackson says seat belts on a school bus are not required by state law and the buses already meet all safety standards.
"If there was an accident and they went forward it's padded and that's what they hit. Same thing with the seat behind them and underneath them. So it's a compartmentalized area," said Jackson.

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