Business Owners Back Sheriff Candidate's Claims

Published 05/28 2014 06:28PM

Updated 05/28 2014 06:37PM

His opponent now threatens legal action, but interim Vanderburgh County Sheriff, David Wedding, stands by his campaign. It comes a week after Kirk Byram says Wedding, and his campaign, have been harassing businesses, constituents, and voters for support.

One business owner says he backs Byram's claims. Kirk Byram's campaign says they could take legal action if the Wedding campaign continues the alleged actions. The question being asked, what defines harassment over the act of campaigning? Some say it's politics, others like business owner Mike Jarvis, say it's intimidation.

"If people don't stand up, and have the courage to stand up , then truth, justice, and the American way will disappear." Business owner Mike Jarvis claims he was 'intimidated' by a member of the David Wedding for Vanderburgh County Sheriff Campaign.

"He called me on the phone, and starting talking to me about my change of heart because I had a Byram sign on my fence," says Jarvis. Jarvis says last summer he displayed a sign for both the republican candidate for Sheriff, Kirk Byram, and the democratic candidate, David Wedding, at his business North 41 Storage.

He says when the Wedding sign came down, that's when he got a call. "It was uncomfortable," say Jarvis. Jarvis says the man who called him was once a tenant that he previously had a confrontation with. "About a week later, I got another call. I didn't answer that phone call. I thought no, I don't need this."

"Asking or telling, so to speak, you come and you ask politely and explain your position on why you'd like my vote," says Jarvis.


"He was going to reach out to the person to see if something was said, or was something prompting the change of support," says Sheriff David Wedding. Lieutenant Kirk Byram claims his opponent and the members of his opponent's campaign are harassing business owners, and voters, to sway their vote. "We're not harassing anybody, we're not threatening anybody, but we may certainly be asking the support of the community. That's what a politician does," says Wedding.

Wedding says the Byram campaign is soliciting voters for donations. "Even after they tell the Byram people that they are supporting David Wedding for Sheriff, the people still say that's ok, can you still give me money for Byram. Now, is that harassment? We've never said a word about it," says Wedding.

An anonymous north side business says Wedding approached their property, where a Byram sign was placed, and asked them to 'stay neutral.'

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