Businesses Booming During Winter Weather

Published 02/06 2014 10:35PM

Updated 02/06 2014 10:37PM

Winter weather hits several parts of the country with snow and freezing temperatures. While the cold may have you down, some Tristate companies thrive when the weather worsens.

"Everybody else sees snow coming down. I see money coming down," says Kevin King. There's no business like snow business. When snow and ice come to town, it brings an increase in business along with it for some places like Papa John's Pizza. "People are staying home. They are not going out," says owner/operator Kevin King. He says why get out when they can come to you? "People start eating when it gets dark. I love the winter time. When it gets dark at four o'clock, people start ordering pizza."

King says lately the business has been selling up to 180 pizzas a night. "Total for the whole year, my sales are up ten to twelve percent," King says. Delivered pizza makes life easy on the customer, and even easier on sales, but even this busy owner agrees it's time for mother nature to warm up. "Yeah, the sales are great, the money is nice, but I've had enough of this snow," says King.

From hot pizza to cold ice, business at Swonder's Ice Arena, is booming. "With school being canceled in Warrick County, we definitely saw an increase today," says Bill Nadeau. An additional thirty kids came out to have some fun during today's snow day. General Manager Nadeau says this time of year is always busy, even more so with the snow and ice sticking around.

There's another reason people are hitting the ice this time of year, the winter Olympics. "Ice skating, hockey, and everything else always has a nice little bump on Olympic years." Hot, or cold, businesses around the Tristate are not feeling the impact of the winter time blues, but instead, a winter time business boost.




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