Car Thieves Strike Twice in One Night

Published 05/13 2014 11:28AM

Updated 05/16 2014 10:36AM

The number of car break-ins have gone up in Warrick county over the past week. Two cars were taken in one night in Newburgh.

One was parked on the street in Old Hickory Subdivision. It was found yesterday, burned, in Jacksonville, Florida.

The other car wasn't taken from the street, but from Kip O'Connell's Garage. "There's one door from there into our den. They were basically in my house. As far as I'm concerned they were in my house."

Early Saturday morning an Evansville police officer tried to stop the vehicle on Morgan Avenue  but it fled down Welworth Avenue straight into a dead end.

One juvenile was taken into custody and O'Connell's vehicle was taken to the impound to be held for EPD.

Even though he's the victim, he is still responsible for impound fees, and is concerned about the current condition of his car.

No matter how safe your neighborhood is.. these are clear signs that you should always keep your keys out of your cars.  Always keep garage doors secured.

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