Chilly Start To Historic Newburgh Wine, Art, and Jazz Festival

Published 05/16 2014 10:50PM

Updated 05/16 2014 10:54PM

Tonight was the 9th annual Historic Newburgh Wine, Art, and Jazz Festival. This year had a chilly spin on the fun.

Cold temperatures didn't keep people from attending, but many did have to bundle up for the river front event.

The wine is served, the food is sampled, and for nine years straight people gather for the Historic Newburgh
Wine, Art, and Jazz festival. The first night of the weekend long event starts off on a chilling note.

"The weather has been very strange in Evansville."

Casey Trentacoste says tonight's temperatures are cold, but the event is just as fun.

"I was worried. I was excited to wear my sandals and my dress, but it didn't cooperate. The tent is great,
this worked out awesome. It's not hot and you don't have to worry about rain, it's really great."

"When we left the house I said we better grab our coats. It's surprising for May."

Katie and Eric Gruen traveled form Illinois to celebrate her birthday.

"I've never worn a jacket on my birthday, so I'm really surprised."

Organizer Sue Driskill says the evening air is colder than years past, but it was this week's rain and storms
that made an impact.

"They started to put the tents up on Wednesday, and they couldn't even finish because of the rain. We were a little
bit behind, but everything fell together."

Driskill says the gloomy conditions slightly effected their pre-sale tickets.

"If you've been looking at gray clouds all week, it's hard to go spend the money to come on out."

People did come out. Several enjoyed the night's events despite the weather. The warmth of fun and community
kept everyone in high spirits until next year's event returns.

"I just love to see everybody having such a good time and getting to see downtown Newburgh and what we are all about."

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