City Councilman Calls Residency Questions 'A Dead Issue' After Wife Files for County Position

Published 02/03 2014 06:19PM

Updated 02/03 2014 10:37PM

The wife of Evansville City Councilman Al Lindsey (D-6th Ward) files paperwork to run for a county position.  This has re-kindled a debate Councilman Lindsay faced when he ran for election in 2011. However, the democrat says it's a 'dead issue.'


Krista Lindsey, the wife of 6th Ward Evansville City Councilman Al Lindsey, filed paperwork to run for 5th precinct committeeman in the upcoming election. The precinct is in German Township in northwestern Vanderburgh County. Officials say running for that position requires the candidate to live in that particular precinct.

Records show Krista Lindsey listed a house on New Harmony Rd. as her home address. Her husband, City Councilman Al Lindsey, says he lives in the city at a 6th Ward apartment on Bosse Ave.

This has re-kindled a debate Lindsay faced when he ran for election in 2011.

While he declined to speak on camera, Councilman Lindsey calls the question about whether he lives in the city or county 'a dead issue.' Councilman Lindsay said he spends the majority of his time at the apartment in the city, maintaining his eligibility to hold a position on the City Council.

Lindsay said the questions surrounding his residency are nothing but political rhetoric and points to a 2011 decision by the Election Board as proof that he's compliant.

In 2010, Lindsay said he moved into the apartment on Bosse Ave. and signed a lease. Lindsay says this proves he lived in the city for more than a year before the election and in the ward for at least six months beforehand as required by state law.

Lindsay also cites another state law which allows him to move away from his spouse in order to run for an elected position.

Also, Councilman Lindsey said he plans on seeking re-election even though a newly passed state law prohibits candidates from serving on a board of which they are an employee. Lindsay says he will retire from the Evansville Fire Department in October 2015. He said that will allow him to run for City Council again.

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