City Of Rockport Split Over Accusations Against Officer

By Kayla Moody

Published 03/31 2014 10:48PM

Updated 03/31 2014 11:04PM

A Rockport Police officer is accused of inappropriate behavior and we now know alleged behavior put her in the hot seat. As we first reported Wednesday, Officer Dawn Krantz is accused of sending inappropriate pictures to another person. A document obtained by Eyewitness News reveals who that person apparently was.

The formal complaint is just two pages long, but it shines light on vague accusations made against Rockport Police Officer Dawn Krantz. The complaint was sent to the City of Rockport earlier this month by Spencer County Prosecutor Kelly Corne. Corne details the alleged misconduct in a report obtained by Eyewitness News through the Freedom of Information Act.

The prosecutor says a woman came to her, concerned because Officer Krantz had sent naked pictures of herself to a married man. The complaint says the woman provided Corne with copies of the nude photos and phone records of text messages between the man and Officer Krantz.

In the complaint, Corne writes about the emotional toll the incident was having on the woman who came to her. Corne writes, "...she is upset and understandably so, she would simply like to start putting her family back together."

But the document reveals more than alleged infidelity. The man who received the photos isn't just a husband, he's a convicted felon on probation whom Krantz once arrested.

According to the complaint, Officer Krantz sent nude photos of herself to this convicted felon. The document says he has been arrested approximately 31 times and during one of those incidents Officer Krantz was the arresting officer. According to the document, Krantz arrested the man when he tried to flee from police in a car. The complaint does not say when that arrest occurred.

Corne finishes the complaint by noting there are two separate concerns regarding Officer Dawn Krantz. For the woman who reported the sexting scandal, it's the propriety of sending naked photos to a married man. But for the prosecutor, it's to whom those pictures were sent.

Meanwhile, the town has mixed feelings on the accusations. Some say the incident should be overlooked because it was done during the officer's personal time. Others say it reveals a clear conflict of interest.

"I think it's completely wrong. I think it's mixing personal with work," says Barbara Whittman of Grandview. "I might feel different if it was just someone else, but someone she arrested, you know, that worries me."

Rockport resident Kimberly Wilkinson says the officer deserves a second chance.
"I think Dawn is a wonderful person and I don't think they should judge her. She was on her own time, it was on her own personal phone, and I mean she's the best police officer we've had in a long time," says Wilkinson.

Officer Krantz faces three weeks suspension without pay and a mental health evaluation. Last week Krantz told Eyewitness News she didn't want to comment on the suspension out of respect for the mayor and her department, but added the photo sharing was done during her personal time and said she did nothing illegal.

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