Classmates Mourn Last Day Of School Death

Published 05/24 2014 10:49PM

Updated 05/24 2014 11:04PM

"I saw him at a couple of the dances that they have there, playing basketball, dancing, eating candy like a normal kid." Students of Evansville's Plaza Park International Prep Academy remember the life of their fellow classmate who died Friday, on the last day of school.

Many questions still surround the boy's death. Officials say thirteen year old, Alex "Spencer" Junkin, was found in a bathroom after school ended. He was pronounced dead at the hospital less than an hour later.

Junkin's mother says 'God will pull us through along with prayers and support.' Classmates and parents remain stunned by his death. Summer vacation begins in a tragic way for the students of Plaza Park International Prep Academy in Evansville.

"It's hard. It's hard to deal with something like that." As the last day of school came to an end, so did a student's life. Fourteen year old, Blake Watson, says no one knows how seventh grader, Alex 'Spencer' Junkin died.

Watson says many believe he was discovered in the school's bathroom by a janitor after classes let out. "There's a lot of stuff that's been circulating throughout the whole day," says Watson. Police say it does not appear foul play was involved.

"I think it's a really sad time for the family. I will keep them in prayers." Watson says he remembers his classmate's mother driving by worried why Junkin had not come home from school. "His mom drove by like three times. She had been driving around the street for like three times," says Watson.

Watson says he graduated and will be moving on to Harrison High School, next year. He worries Plaza Park will become a haunting memory for the students who will return in the fall. "The kids that are going back, I feel really bad for because they have to live another year in that school. They will get through it. It will be a tough year, but they will get through it," says Watson.

"You hate for any family to go through anything like that." As a father, Mike Watson, says it's hard to help your children through this kind of sudden tragedy. "You know to give a hand if you can, a shoulder to lean on," says Mike Watson.

It's a somber start to summer for the classmates of Alex "Spencer" Junkin.

Students say a memorial is planned for Monday at 3:45. They will be laying flowers in front of the school. The Coroner's office says an autopsy is scheduled for Sunday morning to determine the cause of the student's death.


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