Close Call for Ohio Co. Deputies Helping Stranded Motorist

Published 05/06 2014 05:28PM

Updated 05/06 2014 05:38PM

A close call for Ohio County Sheriff's Deputies while helping a stranded driver. They had to push a car stuck on train tracks Monday night east of Beaver Dam, before an oncoming train hit the car, and them.

Hundreds of cars cross the train tracks in Beaver Dam everyday.  But it was one stuck on the tracks that worried deputies.

"I had to make a choice and right or wrong, I'd done it," says Ohio Co. Deputy Chase Melton.  He, Deputy J.D. Thompson, and McHenry firefighters responded to help a driver stuck on the tracks on Wade Lane west of Beaver Dam just after 9:00 PM Monday.

"He was jumping up and down saying his car was going to get hit by a train. just asked me what I was going to do," Melton says.

The two deputies used their cruiser to push the car off the tracks.  When deputies arrived, they were first worried about the car stuck on these tracks. But suddenly, they were worried about a train headed down those tracks.

"I looked down the railroad tracks, I'd seen the train. I was hoping we had enough time to make an action before it got here," Melton recalls. "Dispatch had notified the railroad company and they were trying to stop the train, but it didn't appear to stop with the vehicle in the intersection."

They got the car out, nearly a minute before the train came through the intersection, and before it got more dangerous.

"We had traffic stopped both ways. If it went well passed traffic, endangering passing motorists," says Deputy Melton.

Melton's thankful no one was hurt and the driver could live to cross the tracks again.

"I'd definitely rank this on my top ten list of strangest calls," he adds.

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