Community Mourns the Loss of Beloved Public Figure

Published 01/31 2014 08:33PM

Updated 01/31 2014 08:35PM

Warrick County honors the life of a beloved man today.

75-year-old Harold Gunn passed away on Monday. He was well known for his relationship with the Boonville Fire Department.

A funeral service was held at Main Street General Baptist Church in Boonville this morning. Two fire departments honored Gunn by hanging a flag from two crossed fire truck ladders.

Gunn lived near Boonville's fire department since the 1970's. He sounded the noon siren everyday and checked store fronts every night to make sure they were locked.

While Gunn wasn't officially a firefighter, crews say he had a great impact on the community.

"Somebody like Harold has been true," said Newburgh Volunteer Fire Department's Scott Zoll, "which is what the firefighters, law enforcement, and public servants look for is somebody who is true to the community. And to be able to support and honor him is an honor for me."

The city of Boonville also proclaimed today as "Harold Gunn Day."

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