Crews Begin Building Milestone for Owensboro Neighborhood

Published 05/27 2014 10:07PM

Updated 05/27 2014 10:09PM

A major milestone is under construction in the Mechanicsville neighborhood in Owensboro. Workers are building the 300th new home for the Inner City Homebuilder Program.

It's also the 40th house going up in the neighborhood since 2011 as part of the Mechanicsville Neighborhood Redevelopment effort.

"They've really filled in certain holes where there are vacant lots or deteriorated housing," said Owensboro Commission Development Director Keith Free. "So, it's made a significant impact in that way. Also, these homes have increased in value, and they've increased valuation of the homes that are surrounding them."

City officials say home ownership in Mechanicsville has gone up from 52 to 63 percent since the redevelopment plan started.

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