Dangers Behind Dating Apps

Published 07/28 2014 10:36PM

Updated 07/28 2014 10:40PM

Tonight the last rose is handed out during the season finale of the Bachelorette.

While most of us don't turn to reality TV to find love, a lot of people search for it in unconventional ways. Could that be putting them in danger?

We look into the latest trend of finding dates on your smart phone.

"If you think they are attractive, you swipe them right. If you think they are not attractive, you swipe them left. If they swipe you right, and you swipe them right, it will pop up and say it's a match," says student Elizabeth Gabbert.

Swipe left for no and right for love. Dating apps like Tinder, Skout, and OK-Cupid claim to make it that simple, but could there be serious danger behind dating apps?

"This is my profile. You can scroll through the pictures. I've selected what people can see. Down there you can have your bio, and you can type out what you want it to say," says Gabbert.

Are kids really using apps to find the perfect match? College student Elizabeth Gabbert and her friends downloaded the dating app Tinder, but say they would rather meet someone in person, who they already know.

"I think it's just because we're bored. I mean, we don't have anything else to do. We just sit on our phones the whole time. We would rather sit on our phones and laugh about stupid apps like this," says Gabbert.

Could putting yourself out there be putting you at risk? "The people on the other end of your communications could be anybody," says Sergeant Jason Cullum with the Evansville Police Department. He says, when it comes to online dating, the numbers are through the roof.

"You don't want to tell them where you live, or give any details about your children, if you have kids. You don't want to give out a lot of things to somebody you really don't know," says Cullum.

If you do meet someone, he says to meet in a public place during the day. "Even then, once you start to meet face to face, you don't want to start throwing all of your history out there," suggests Cullum.

Officials say dating app danger lies in the hands of the users. "Its not dangerous in and of itself, you just have to make sure that you are doing things right," says Cullum.

You can pay your bills, update your status, even check your bank account all from your smart phone or computer. Why not date on the go? Kids say there could be danger, but technology is part of their generation.

"Just be smart about using your phone and the apps you download, especially if they are dating apps," says Gabbert.

Professionals say you should education your kids about the risks social networks could pose.

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