Demanding Landscape Tough for Missing Person Search

Published 08/18 2014 04:20PM

Updated 08/18 2014 04:33PM

The search continues for a missing Warrick County woman. The Warrick County Sheriff's Office says 27-year-old Kristy Kelley was last seen around 1:30 Friday morning at the VFW in Boonville. Since her disappearance more than 600 volunteers have searched the area.

Monday morning most people are at work, but at Studio Bee in Boonville around 100 people gathered to coordinate search efforts for the third day in a row. After going along with one woman searching for any sign of Kelley I can tell you it's a daunting task.

On a map of Warrick County the lines are drawn in black and white and the colored tape represents areas that have been searched. But when driving through the thick wetlands just outside of Boonville the landscape doesn't look as clear as it does on the map.

"A lot of it you can't get to by vehicle. So it's going to take on foot, or ATV's, or a group of people getting together and going and searching," said Tara Dickerson, a high school classmate of Kelley's.

Vast farmland coupled with dense woods makes the search effort very difficult. A countless amount of lakes are scattered around Warrick County, posing quite a challenge.

"Too many that a lot of people don't know about. There's a lot of them that could be untouched, unknown," said Dickerson.

Even up against 'needle in a haystack' odds, friends, family, and strangers volunteer time and money to bring home Kristy Kelley.

"I think because you gotta keep the hope. If that was my family member personally I wouldn't ever give up searching. Since we are a tight community that's what we're going to do. We're going to continue to search and continue to try to find answers," said Dickerson.

In an interview Sunday night Kristy's mother says she hasn't given up hope and delivered this plea to the community to continue their search for her daughter.

"Someone knows where she's at possibly. If off in a ditch or anything please take that extra moment and look on the side of the road. Please, please I'm begging you from one mother to another mother. Please do this for me," said Kathy Scales.

A prayer vigil for Kelley will be held Wednesday 7:30 p.m. on the square in Boonville. Sheriff Kruse says foul play is not part of the investigation at this time, but it is not being ruled out.

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