Did Comedy Routine Go Too Far with Apparent Rape Joke?

Published 07/06 2014 09:49PM

Updated 07/06 2014 10:22PM

Did a comedy routine cross the line? One woman says it did and now she has filed a complaint against the comedian with Evansville Police. The incident happened at the Main Street Comedy Pub in downtown Evansville.

The woman who only wants to go by Juliette says on Thursday night she expected to be offended at the comedy show, but she says she didn't expect to be threatened. Juliette says she is a fan of comedy and knows sometimes jokes can get out of hand. "The jokes at first they were offensive, but again that's what I expected because it's a comedy club," said Juliette.

She says a comedian at the Main Street Comedy Pub was making jokes about date rape.  She heckled him, saying rape jokes weren't funny. She says he yelled back and the situation escalated. But she says the comedian didn't cross the line until he allegedly threatened to slash her tires and rape her. "Didn't seem to be a lot of jokes just a lot of shock material, but then he said that he would actually rape me. He used the phrase 'I will.' So that was a direct threat. I took offense to that."

Juliette says she felt unsafe and left the club. She says a man claiming to be with the comedy club met her outside. "He said that we shouldn't come to comedy clubs because that's what we're going to get when we come there. We should expect to be offended."

Juliette says she can put up with offensive comedy however she says the line was crossed when the jokes turned to threats. "The joke part (was) not directed at one single individual, not in the future tense, not implying that you would do anything directly to them. I understand jokes. I understand offensive humor. It's not that I didn't get the joke it's that it wasn't a joke."

The comedy club owner says he is aware of the situation and is conducting his own investigation. He would not comment further, but said he will when his investigation is complete.

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