Early School Dismissals Impact on Working Parents

Published 02/04 2014 06:16PM

Updated 02/04 2014 08:11PM

Evansville, IN. - An early dismissal could be stressful for parents especially for those who work. There have been so many more snow days this year than last year. As we've reported before, schools are running out of days or have already run out and extended the school year.
But, it's been a way of life parents, like schools have just had to adjust to this winter weather.

A whistle blows just as Hebron Elementary school lets out and a lot of parents are there waiting.
"To pick them up it's very hectic!", says Amy Kerchief .
A hectic day as parents make the dash to pick up their children ahead of the storm. Yet another early dismissal because of inclement weather has them readjusting their schedules.
"My job is very flexible. They think families come first, but I can see families that are working in factories or have more set schedules; They don't have the flexibility I have", she added. 
For the working parent like Brian Nelson; childcare is  the main concern when his son leaves school.
"Normally we have to rely on family if there are times when we can't ge off work. We'll have to hope there's sombody to watch him. It can be tough, definitely tough", he says.
Amy Kerchief says it's tougher with making accommodations for her special needs child.
"You can see it's making her upset! The normal routine for a special needs child needs to be in sync and this weather is not working with her very well".
All the while parents take it in stride as part of the job of being a parent. 
"This would be the third time i picked her from school", one parent added.
While their kids enjoy an extra day to play in the snow.
"I'm gonna build a snow man", says one kindergartener.
Some are thinking of ways to spend that extra day.
"I'm probably gonna be really wild, said another child.

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