EPD Optimistic, Excited About Scooter Bill's Potential Impact

Published 03/05 2014 06:42PM

Updated 03/05 2014 06:52PM

While the so-called "scooter bill" waits for Indiana Governor Mike Pence's signature, supporters are anxious to share the new rules of the road come January 1, 2015.

Drivers would have to register and plate their scooters with the BMV. Officials say that would cost about $27 a year. Mopeds would be split into Class A and Class B, depending on how large the engine is.

Scooters over 50cc's would also have to be insured under the new legislation but could also legally carry passengers. Scooters with smaller engines would not be allowed to carry passengers.

The Evansville Police Department has been an outspoken supporter of the legislation. After nearly 300 scooter thefts last year, officers believe the changes to the law will be a good thing for Evansville.

"We remember the rolled up piece of paper on 'School House Rock' on Saturday mornings that was singing about being a bill," Sgt. Jason Cullum said. "[It] educated us on all the steps of going from a bill to a law. But [it] didn't really educate us on the process. There's a whole lot more going on than just a couple people talking about it and passing votes."

Officially called House Bill 1343, the measure narrowly passed the Indiana Senate on Tuesday. The senators that represent southwestern Indiana were split on the vote. Senators Vaneta Becker and Jim Tomes both supported the regulations. Democrats Lindel Hume and Richard Young Jr. voted no.

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