Evansville Facing Budget Cuts

Published 03/31 2014 11:51PM

Updated 03/31 2014 11:58PM

Evansville faces more than 800 thousand dollars worth of budget cuts after a money shortfall in property tax revenue. City leaders file an ordinance they hope will make up for the shortfall. The ordinance will require some departments to make some cut backs.

Evansville City Council reviewed the ordinance, but will not vote on the request until their next meeting. City leaders say the cuts are being made to help keep government services functioning, while allowing the city to pay its bills.

"The tax money just didn't come in, because of the property tax caps." Evansville leaders look for a way to make up for more than 800,000 dollars after a money shortfall. "In December, when we received our second installment of property taxes, due to the caps, the money came in quite a bit shorter than what we originally forecasted," says City Controller Russell Lloyd Junior. Lloyd says Evansville didn't collect as many tax dollars in 2013 as expected.

City administrators file an ordinance to help, and present the idea to City Council. "We also found it's not all cuts. We also looked at the city's revenues," says Lloyd. Now, they're asking some departments to pinch some pennies. "Between the police, METS, and the fire department, those are some of the biggest funds. We have to look at those first."

The administration says it's looking at the police department, METS transportation system, and the Department of Sustainability. "The general found is about 79 million and the police are 33 million of it, so you really can't cut everyone else and leave the police alone. The police are a big part of that," says Lloyd.

Lloyd says they are asking them to cut back on things like fuel and overtime. "Nobody is happy with something like this, but they have been very good and very cooperative."

City Council President, John Friend, says the council has reviewed the numbers and will make their decision at the next meeting. "We will look at the facts, do we think it is adequate enough, some of us are concerned about what is gong to happen in may collected in June."

Friend suggests the city delay any projects funded by the Casino until June.

Mayor Winnecke stated the adjustments will not effect any of the city's projects planned for this year such as the convention hotel, road or sewer projects.


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