Evansville-Henderson Made Top Ten 'Unhappiest' Cities in the U.S.

Published 07/23 2014 04:54PM

Updated 07/23 2014 05:24PM

Courtesy: University of British Columbia
Courtesy: University of British Columbia
The National Bureau of Economic Research released the results of their survey this week. Researchers say out of the cities with a population higher than one million, people in Richmond, VA are the happiest.
On that same scale, New Yorkers are the 'un-happiest.'
Several midwest cities on that unhappy list, though: Louisville, Indianapolis, and St. Louis all listed in the top ten.

The study then ranked the "regions" the researchers feel appeared to be the least happy-- the Evansville-Henderson area came in 10th on that list.
People who live in the 'unhappier' metropolitan areas do get paid more - presumably as compensation for their misery. The industrial cities of the midwest may have reported lower happiness levels, but the resident are getting richer as a result.

They found that individuals were willing to let go of their happiness in exchange for a higher income or lower accommodation rates.

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