Evansville Storm Damage Report, House Nearly Split in Two

Published 05/10 2014 09:58PM

Updated 05/10 2014 10:26PM

Jenny Thomas sweeps up limbs leftover from Friday's storm. Two doors down there's a much bigger limb that won't be as easily swept up.
"Just a sigh of relief and thought God must be watching out over us." Jenny's husband Bob Thomas watched yesterday's storm from his front porch. "As soon as I stepped out on the porch the wind and the rain picked up and I really couldn't see through the windows. It was almost like they were opaque."

His house suffered almost no damage which is a shocking difference compared to the house two doors down where the home was nearly split in two by a fallen tree. Thomas says nobody was in the house, in fact it was being remodeled. "I think this is probably the worst one in this area. We've lived here for over 30 years. This is the worst one."

Further north on Olmstead and New York Avenue Chris Scharf drove down from Indianapolis to help his parents clean up. "The tree is actually on the very back side. The root ball came straight up. Went straight through the shed, through the garage, down along the fence line, all the way here." Chris says he grew up in this home and used to climb this tree in his backyard.  Now the tree lies on the ground. "We have what used to be the garage door." Trapping not only a garage and shed, but also memories underneath. "A lot of antiques. We had an old record player, old jukebox, all of his tools, a work bench, his golf clubs, which are now right under there, a nice deep freeze with some good venison in it, completely smashed." Chris says nobody was home when the tree came crashing down. Now that the storm has passed the recovery and rebuilding beings.

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