EVSC Extended School Days Begin

Published 02/24 2014 06:20PM

Updated 02/24 2014 08:35PM

Evansville, In. -This winter's many snow days has put schools in a bind. The Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation decided to extend six school days by an hour and today was the first of those days.  Eyewitness News visited fairlawn elementary in Evansville to see how they implemented the changes today.It's been a juggle for the evsc principals to figure out how change each school's daily schedule. Some teachers at Fairlawn Elementary tell us how they are making that extra time --time well spent.

"It just gives us more time to go deeper into those content areas" says second grade teacher, Staci Kinman.

Extra time is what the EVSC will have this week as it is making up for time lost during several snow storms. Teachers at Fairlawn Elementary are preparing students for the long week.

"We started off the day just by explaining to the students that some of our times would be a little bit different and that we're gonna have an extended period at the end of the day", she added.

Many teachers are using the added time for review.

"We're constantly going over things we've already taught so that we can make sure they still understand it , we just constantly do review and we move forward", said second grade teacher, Mallory Ruffert.

Just weeks away from the ISTEP exams - EVSC educators are zeroing in on areas where students are struggling.

"We're really looking at this week as a opportunity to really enrich the students and give theme extended learning time and being able to go deeper into the curriculum and just being able to be really intentional with it", added Kinman.
By having more time now students can have more one on one instruction.

"We struggle to have enough time for science social studies and alot for non fiction text and things like that", she says.

Though a longer day in the class may not be ideal for students who are eager to play outside and shake off the cabin fever from this winter.
The teachers say they are finding innovative ways to keep their attention.
"they know we do fun stuff they take breaks we do dances they know to expect fun and not just boring", said Ruffert.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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