Exclusive: Jeffrey Weisheit Refusing to Eat, Shower Leading Up to Sentencing

Facing either life in prison or death by lethal injection, Weisheit continues to be what some may consider a thorn in the side of correctional officers. The day before his sentencing hearing, the convicted murderer continues to be less than cooperative and is apparently refusing to eat.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams tells Eyewitness News Jeffrey Weisheit has, at times, chosen not to eat and refused to take a shower. Sources say at one point this week, Weisheit had apparently gone 12 days without eating for one reason or another. All in all, Sheriff Williams says, Weisheit has been less than a model inmate.

Sheriff Williams stressed that Weisheit is being monitored by the medical staff at the Vanderburgh County Detention Center and is in no immediate danger. The jail has plans and protocols in place in the event an inmate refuses to eat, according to Sheriff Williams.

Weisheit's latest act of defiance just adds another example to what many could consider his long track record of being a less than model inmate not only in Vanderburgh County but also in Clark County.

Sources within the Clark County Jail say Weisheit apparently tried to attack a correctional officer. An incident in the shower also led to Weisheit cutting his foot, leaving him bound to crutches and a wheelchair. Near the end of the three week long trial, sources also say correctional officers found razors stashed away in Weisheit's cell.

Sheriff Williams also says Weisheit remains on suicide watch and is confined to his isolation cell at the Vanderburgh County Detention Center.

"He's got a lot of behavioral issues here in the jail since he came back from Clark county," Sheriff Williams said. "But he's facing something that very few people ever face. He's facing it as a result of his own accord. That's the way it is but we expect somebody in that situation to probably be less than a model prisoner."

Again, Sheriff Williams says Weisheit is in no immediate danger and is being carefully monitored by medical staff.


Innocence jumps on a trampoline. Innocence smiles in the frames of a photograph.

But on April 10th, 2010, innocence was lost.

"After a long day at work, after seeing some of these horrible things or you've seen kids victimized, you go home and give your kids a big hug," Vanderburgh County Sheriff Eric Williams said.

Sherriff Williams has hugged his kids plenty ever since the day Lisa Lynch couldn't hug hers. While she grieved, lead Detective Kerri Blessinger went to work.

"Having Kerri working with Lisa, keeping her up to speed on things, I can't help but think that made a huge difference in her ability to cope with the situation," Sheriff Williams said.

In the courtroom during the three week trial, Det. Blessinger and Lynch were often huddled together. You didn't see a detective and a witness; you saw a friend of a grieving mother.

Lisa Lynch lost her precious kids Caleb and Alyssa more than three years ago.

And it won't be long before the Weisheit family loses their son  Jeffrey but in a different way.  After being convicted of murder, it's up to the judge's gavel to determine Weisheit's punishment: life or death.

"Personally I think if there's ever a case where the deal penalty is warranted, this is probably one of them," Sheriff Williams said. "But I could tell you, personally, I wouldn't be upset if I knew he was going to spend his life in prison."

Weisheit defied his attorneys and testified in his own defense. Weisheit defied authorities and never admitted to what he did. Weisheit remains defiant until the bitter end.

During the trial, sources say Weisheit attacked a prison guard and stashed razors. After the trial Weisheit has refused to eat and refused to shower at some points.

"Mr. Weisheit, if I were to sum it up, has been a less than model prisoner," Sheriff Williams said. "The reality of it is we've got a congregation, a concentrated goup of people that historically have the proensity to make very poor decisions."

Before Thursday's sentencing hearing, the family of Jeffrey Weisheit will likely visit their son one last time in Vanderburgh County.

The family of Caleb and Alyssa Lynch don't have that opportunity. 

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