Fairfield City Council Hears Complaints Over Energy Bills

Published 02/11 2014 10:22PM

Updated 02/11 2014 10:37PM

The Fairfield City Council was expected to discuss a 5% rate increase on electricity and gas, but that didn't happen. Instead Mayor Griswold tabled the item and the city council turned into an open forum for residents to ask questions about the most recent energy bill.
Many in Fairfield are outraged their energy bills for January doubled and tripled. Some asked the mayor to consider a payment plan. Some were questioning the legitimacy of the rate prices. Most people we talked with were generally unsatisfied with the response they received from the city council. "I'm disgusted. I think there's a lot of men and women on the board an I just don't think things are being carried out properly for our community."
We tried to ask Mayor Griswold for a comment, but he refused. However he did say nobody in Fairfield will have their power shut off during the winter months.

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