Fairfield, Illinois First in Line for Medical Marijuana Grow Facility

Published 07/16 2014 05:54PM

Updated 07/16 2014 06:29PM

This unkept field of weeds and grass could soon be a very well kept and heavily guarded building filled with weed/grass or more widely known as marijuana. Off the beaten path behind the water treatment plant is the proposed site for a 10,000-20,000 square foot building used for growing medical marijuana.
Fairfield Mayor Chuck Griswold says most people will have about as much luck getting into it as they have getting into Fort Knox. Guarded 24 hours a day everyday of the year he says marijuana will be moved to and from the building via armored car. "The public will not have any access whatsoever. The building is going to be so secure that I think the only way you can enter is via an identifiable handprint."
Mayor Griswold says he has not heard as much opposition as he thought he would. "Probably the biggest surprise to me is there has been no preaching from the pulpit," said Mayor Griswold.
"Wayne County and Fairfield needs something to boost the economy and a lot of stuff hasn't been coming into the county because of the way people believe," said Fairfield resident Joel Sanders.
Mayor Griswold says allowing The Wellness Group to grow medical marijuana would benefit Fairfield and Wayne County financially by receiving 1% of the gross revenue. Heat lamps used to grow marijuana use high amounts of electricity. Griswold says the revenue from utilities could bring in $100,000-500,000 a year.

In a county that is largely corn fields and soy beans Griswold says marijuana has it's place too. "We are an agricultural community so I guess to a certain extent maybe there is a little bit of me that says this is agriculture for a great cause."

State law limits one grow facility for each State Police District.  Fairfield Mayor Chuck Griswold says it's between Fairfield and Grayville for the 19th district. Mayor Griswold says he expects the state to start accepting applications for grow licenses sometime within the next month, but he does not know if and when a license will be approved to grow medical marijuana in Fairfield.

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