Farm Fields too Wet to Plant Seeds

Published 04/17 2014 06:03PM

Updated 04/17 2014 06:18PM

        We haven't seen any rain in the past few days, and that is exactly what farmers hope will continue. They are wanting to get their seeds planted, but can't put their tractors on the fields, much less plant seeds, when their fields are still very muddy.

        By this time of year, farm fields typically have been seeded and crops are ready to grow, but farmers are not getting the chance to do that. Hans Schmitz, who is an educator from the Gibson County Agriculture Office, says that fields have been too wet to do a substantial amount of work. The wet fields are keeping third generation farmer Joe Steinkamp from planting his seeds. He says that he prefers to be planting by the 15th of April, but the Ohio river has held him back due to debris it left on his fields.

        Soggy soil isn't the only thing that farmers have to look out for during this time of year, but also freezing temperatures. Joe says that freezing temperatures slow down germination of seeds. Also, the small growth from seeds could frost as it comes up through the soil, killing it. The good news is that corn can handle a few days in those freezing temperatures without hindering it's growth. He also says that even though he may be a little late getting the corn seeds planted, the corn will actually catch up over the growing season and be ready to harvest in time.

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