Final Days of Super Flea Market

Published 05/02 2014 06:51PM

Updated 05/02 2014 07:37PM

Evansville - A long time shopping venue will soon be closing its doors. The Evansville Super Flea Market has been around for twenty years and this weekend will be its final show. It was just over a month ago that vendors and customers learned the flea market was closing. This comes after owners Bob and Delores Savage sold the building to the R.C. Cola Bottling Company. The President of R.C. Cola, Nancy Hodge confirmed the sale to Eyewitness News. Hodge says they plan to use the building to expand their storage operations. She also said it could potentially create jobs in the future. Vendors and customers say they're going to miss the bargain shopping and the memories that were created at the market.

"I'm very emotional and I think my customers are too", said Carol Givens.

A somber day for vendors and customers. Carol Givens was there when the market first opened in the 1990s and will be here when they close for good this weekend.

"My customers, I've taken alot more from them than they've ever got from me. They've just been great!", said Givens.

Many of the vendors say it was more than a place of business. They all became family over the years. Delores Schoenbachler is another longtime vendor who has many memories including surviving a heart attack in the building. She hopes to completely sell out of her tupperware in this final show.

"I'm hoping to clear this all out. I have a large family. If I don't clear it all out they all know what they're getting for Christmas" Schoenbachler laughs.

Vendors say they're already seeing lots of traffic from new and returning customers today.

Longtime customer Doris Rogers said, "I thought I'd better get out here and get my last purchase. It was a good place to come to".
The market has been a haven for bargain shopping for well over twenty years. Managers, Bob and Delores Savage bought it eight years ago.

"When we took it over it was like 64 empty booths, It was really run down", said Delores Savage.

The couple made major renovations to the building and since 2006 they say they haven't had any empty booths.
They say they've had a successful run but all good things must come to an end.

"Not a little but, It's a lot sad. This is our second retirement. I think it's time Bob and I take time for ourselves and enjoy our life".
"It has been a good run and I'm gonna miss it", Savage added.

There is no set date for R.C. Cola to move in but, all vendors have until May 20th to vacate the building.
The Super Flea Market officially closes its doors Sunday May 4th at 5 p.m.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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