Five Charged in Ohio County Robbery

Published 04/24 2014 06:03PM

Updated 04/24 2014 06:10PM

A western Kentucky man arrested earlier this year during a major drug trafficking investigation, is now facing a long list of charges for a December robbery.

When Joseph Lee was arrested in March, authorities said he has ties to gangs in Chicago, and believed he was also trafficking weapons.

The new charges stem from a robbery investigation from December. Lee, along with Warren Fulton of Central City, Michael Lee of Indianapolis, and Timothy Shemwell of Hartford, are accused of robbing a home in the Prentiss community.  Another suspect, Jacob Asberry, is being held in the Daviess County Jail.

On a cold December day, three residents on Patterson Road got a cold reception.

"Two of the suspects burst their way into the house and held them at gunpoint," says Det. Tim Hatfield of the Ohio Co. Sheriff's Office.

Those suspects are accused of breaking into a Patterson Road home on December 9th and stealing items they thought were stolen from them.

"They emptied out the garage, they took a TV, just all kinds of stuff," Hatfield says.

The residents ran into the woods after being let go.

"When they made their way back to the house, they saw all their vehicles were gone, then they went into the house and saw that their dog was stomped to death," he adds.

The five face charges ranging from kidnapping to robbery to engaging in organized crime.

"It's an investigation that's stemmed from numerous arrests It's finally tying all this together and grouping all these people together to the point where we have been able to come up with an organized crime syndicate," says Hatfield.

This isn't the first run in for some suspects.  Investigators say Joseph Lee was arrested back in march for allegedly running a major meth trafficking ring in Ohio County.

"We knew he was connected with an individual a month earlier that we executed a search warrant on a month earlier that we charged with trafficking meth then," added Hatfield.

He says that more arrests are possible in the near future in a case that isn't over yet.

"If it doesn't, we'll just keep hammering away at it," he says.

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