From Bottle Caps To Park Benches; A New Recycle Model

Published 04/22 2014 05:14PM

Updated 04/24 2014 05:47PM

We often throw out plastic silverware without even thinking twice. But, as an Evansville plant shows us that used plastic could be molded into something new.Recycling can be limited to only certain plastics that can easily be reused. An Evansville business  shows  why some plastics that are normally thrown out are just as valuable. Rae Ann gore of Sandoval, Illinois is in Evansville to pick up benches for her dancing studio after delivering more than 3400 pounds of caps and lids.
"The kids come in from different areas. It's been an area wide effort" she says.
Brent Grafton owns Green Tree Plastics.
"We already have in our culture a thought process to throw away", he says.
For ten years Green Tree Plastics has taken discarded plastics --some from other local businesses , schools and community recycling groups.
"Well in the past everyone has been told to throw away the cap...the reason the system we have is set up to recycle those bottles".
The company has formed a niche through bottle caps and plastics that wouldn't normally gel together.
The plastics are minced and grinded through a process called flow molding;turning them into new pieces of decor and furniture.
His highest demanding product are park benches.
Through his ABC program or "a bench for caps"; Grafton is getting the next generation excited about recycling.
"They make that connection between the recyclability of our resocurces", Grafton added.
400 lbs of plastic lids and caps -that's what this factory uses to  make one bench.
"The kids are excited about bringing caps in and being able to see what the saved adn being able to use it", Gore added.
Grafton hopes the program will help promote recycling more in today's culture..
"It's educating about recyling and the values".
You can see alot of Green Tree plastic's products all over the tristate.
That includes the benches at Holy Name Church  and at the Deaconess Daycare.
Schools interested in the A-B-C program can learn more by visiting the link at the bottom of this story.

Report by Fadia Patterson

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