Gamers Gang Up on Burglars from Across the Globe

Published 06/10 2014 04:57PM

Updated 06/10 2014 05:12PM

"911 emergency."
"I need to report a possible robbery."
Hypothetically, the caller could have then said I'm calling from the other side of the world for a friend because I see her being robbed right now.
Online video games allow players to compete and chat with friends and rivals around the world.
But a gamer in Arizona can thank her fellow gamers for helping save her life. When they watched on her web cam as armed robbers stormed the young woman's house.
The gamers teamed up and got police to her house. They called from all over the world.
The victim, an online gamer was sitting in front of her computer, when someone stormed in.
Her online friends witnessed a man walking up to her with a gun.
The gamers immediately started calling for help.
Police say the first caller was in Europe and called someone they knew in the US who, in turn, called Tempe police.
Within minutes, police were on their way.
Police say the alleged burglars had plans to take the woman and her roommate to an ATM machine and get money from them, but their plans were foiled thanks to virtual witnesses thousands of miles away.
Police were able to arrest one suspect when they arrived on scene, but a second suspect managed to get away.
As for the 2 victims, they are said to be okay

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