Gibson County Dealership In Hot Water With Customers And Authorities

Published 01/29 2014 09:51PM

Updated 01/29 2014 09:56PM

A Gibson County car dealership is closed for now, and leaving behind a major problem for their customers. The Gibson County Sheriff's Department says they hope to help anyone who fell victim to Muensterman Motors, after never receiving the title to their vehicle.

Officials say, they're not sure how many victims there are, because the dealership closed their doors before authorities could get any records. Authorities sent out an alert, letting people know what has happened.

"I just don't see how you could treat people like that," says Brandi Smith. Smith says, last October she traded her old car in for a new one. She got the Hummer at Muensterman Motors, in Haubstadt. "I trusted them fully. I never had a doubt in my mind. I just never knew that people could do this," says Smith.

The dealership never provided Smith with her title. "November rolls around, no title," she says. Fast forward a few months later, and it's still the same thing. "Then it rolls around again. I left my number, no calls," says Smith.

Tomorrow, the paper plate they provided her will expire. "Muensterman is locked up tight. She has no way of getting a license plate, because she has no title," says Gibson County Sheriff George Ballard. "I've got four kids, so I've got to have a vehicle. Now, I have no way to plate my truck. I'm really upset. I'm just more shocked I guess," says Smith.

Tonight Smith sits down with Sheriff Ballard to weigh her options. Here at Muensterman Motors, it's just an empty lot, with empty promise, and a sign on the door saying they will return the 20th. That date, was nine days ago. "We've been in touch with an attorney out of Evansville that is going to represent Muensterman Motors," says Sheriff Ballard.

Ballard says the department will try to help out people as much as they can, but warn this type of matter is not an easy fix. No charges or arrest have been made, because this will be a civil matter.


Here are the steps Gibson County Sheriff's suggest you take if you have fallen victim:

You must first send a letter demanding your title to Muensterman Motors. Send this as a Certified Letter with a Return Receipt through the Post Office to:

Muensterman Motors

10301 S 150 E

Haubstadt, IN 47639

They will have ten days to respond to the letter. If they don't respond, then contact the Secretary of State and Attorney General to file a complaint. It's best to keep copies of all your correspondence and mailing receipt as well.

The Secretary of State complaint form is located at <>

The Attorney General's web site with more information is located at

For further information, please contact Sheriff Ballard at (812) 385-3496 ext 1426.

For full details, view this message on the web <redir.aspx?C=R4B09k7sBker72IkZdsYLXLhAte38NAIlMVyvDNNaEeqwGCMdwROscjzlRlWy3YlH4sBBm0ta8Y.&>.

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