Green River Road Project Revisited

Published 06/13 2014 05:16PM

Updated 06/13 2014 05:40PM

Evansville, Ind - Repairs are underway to a major Evansville road that many drivers say was not fixed right the first time.   
The original 25-million dollar project was supposed to reconstruct a portion of north  green river road, but less than six months after it was completed drivers were riding over cracks and dips. Officials say they hope now that repairs are being made again the county can move forward.

"Between the bridges you could feel it in your vehicle every time you get on the bridge. It wasn't real smooth", says Aaron Faulkerson.

Faulkerson says it's a bumpy commute on Green River road near the Pigeon Creek Bridge. The damage appeared shortly after the multi-million dollar repaving project was completed in the summer of 2011. A lawsuit with the contractors soon followed which was settled just a few weeks ago.

John Stoll the county engineer, says "there were several different expert opinions through different reports. They varied from inadequate compaction. Some reports indicate there may have been a flood in the spring of 2011 that instigated all the settlement problems".

Contractors and consultants agreed to make about $450,000 worth of repairs between Lynch and Millersburg roads at no cost to the county.

"The big bridge was the worst one. If they get that one leveled up make it would make it smoother", Faulkerson added.

The repairs will include asphalt paving, curve replacement and rebuilding the depressions over the storm drain pipes. For drivers who've been through this before; it's been like riding a merry-go-round.

"It's a little disappointing because we just got this all upgraded and now here we are again with the barrels up, everybody's going down to one lane. Makes it hard to get in and out of the neighborhood right here" he added.

Barrels were set today to redirect traffic and begin work that could take up to two months to complete. Work the county says is absolutely necessary.

Stoll says, "If there was continued settlement. If it got worse say it got icy that would cause problems relative to accidents".

The county says there will be periodic lane closures and it says Sheriff's Deputies will patrol  he area during construction to make sure drivers  and workersremain safe.


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